MEI's Compact Track-Mounted Drill Rig for Sinkhole Studies




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  Ground Subsidence (Sinkhole) Investigations        

MEI has considerable experience since 1988 assessing the presence or absence of karst (sinkhole) activity, having consulted on hundreds of cases throughout sinkhole-prone Florida, primarily representing major insurance companies. Key principals with MEI, professional engineers and geologists, in fact, boast of experience dating back to 1984.

MEI coordinates all elements of the work to deliver a streamlined comprehensive report that meets the particular needs of our clients. MEI's team of experienced engineers and geologists (with the support of its drilling division and construction materials testing lab), is rounded out by geophysical, structural engineering and ground improvement companies committed to excellence, reliability and professionalism.

MEI has a variety of drill rigs of all sizes to perform the often sensitive and delicate work at residential venues (see photos below). MEI is especially careful in its work, working with the homeowner to resolve access and scheduling issues. In all cases, the property is cleared for underground utilities to the extent that we can using available utility locating services.

Our typical investigative process includes:


preliminary historical review (aerials, USGS map, soil survey)

building permit search

site permitting (where applicable)

floor elevation survey

initial site visit (interview, sketch, crack survey, hand augers, test pits, photographs)

GPR and/or electrical resistivity (ER)  MEI owns its own GPR equipment and has two (2) trained technicians

utility clearing and planning

drilling (SPTs) with small compact rig

other engineering tests deemed appropriate

soils classification and lab analysis (if necessary i.e. liquid and plastic limits, organic content, etc.)

structural engineering (PE) input (if necessary)




Thereafter, we provide consulting services that include:


acquisition of ground stabilization bids (upon request)

ground stabilization monitoring and reporting

foundation repair bids (upon request)

foundation repair monitoring and reporting (by structural engineer)

litigation support










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