Construction Materials Testing

MEI’s construction materials testing department has built a reputation in the local development community as the standard for construction project quality control. With our full service, CMEC accredited in-house construction materials testing laboratory, and experienced, FDOT/ACI certified CMT field technicians, our clients can rest assured during construction that all materials are being tested to governing agency standards. MEI’s clear and organized construction materials testing report submittals have set the bar in the local industry.

Construction Materials Testing Capabilities

  • field and laboratory soil compaction and density testing
  • field and laboratory soil and pavement material bearing testing, including FBV, CBR and LBR tests
  • observation and testing of utility pipeline and manhole/structure backfilling operations
  • observation and testing of pavement embankment, subgrade and base construction
  • stabilized subgrade, limerock base, shell base, crushed concrete base, and cement treated base testing
  • deteriorated pavement evaluation, rehabilitation recommendations
  • observation and testing of shallow and deep foundation system construction, including footings, piles, caissons, etc.
  • concrete sampling and strength testing
  • asphaltic concrete construction testing
  • foundation system load testing
  • demucking and backfilling monitoring and testing