Geotechnical Engineering

MEI utilizes our in-house equipment and staff to perform preliminary and design level geotechnical services to meet our client’s needs. Our professional and detailed geotechnical reports and data submittals are well regarded in the local civil engineering community, and can be utilized to aid in efficient civil design and geotechnical risk management. Our clients can be confident that possible geotechnical concerns have been considered and addressed in great detail.

Geotechnical Engineering Capabilities

  • subsurface exploration and test borings, in-situ testing, auger borings, SPT borings
  • foundation system evaluation, design, and construction recommendations
  • preliminary soil studies for site development feasibility/suitability
  • soils studies and evaluations for stormwater and roadway systems
  • laboratory and in-situ soil permeability testing and infiltration testing
  • laboratory soils and materials testing
  • pavement design and evaluation, pavement material type recommendations
  • shallow groundwater evaluations and wet season estimates
  • soil bearing capacity and settlement analyses
  • monitoring of foundation system construction
  • subgrade, slope and ground stabilization evaluations and recommendations
  • sinkhole, ground subsidence and settlement evaluations and investigations, with repair/remediation recommendations
  •  embankment, dam and impoundment facility design and stability
  • dewatering and groundwater control system design
  • geophysical testing and investigations
  • post construction foundation evaluation and monitoring
  • expert legal testimony
  • DRI/ADA support services
  • water use permit (WUP) consulting services