Richard A. Mortensen founded Mortensen Engineering, Inc. in 1988, after establishing the Tampa office of national geotechnical engineering firm in 1984. Heralding from Orlando, Mr. Mortensen attended the University of Florida, beginning in the field of architecture, but quickly gravitating to civil engineering. He ultimately found his niche in geotechnical engineering, obtaining a Master’s Degree with Honors from the school. Mr. Mortensen went on to spend five formative years with an established geotechnical firm in St. Louis, Missouri, with his first assignment in the bayous of the Mississippi River. Wanting to get back to his native Florida, he took the Tampa offer in 1984. At the time, the Tampa Bay area was ripe for development, and Mr. Mortensen began to focus the efforts of his new office on large residential projects, principally on planned multiuse developments, and related systems such as wastewater and water treatment facilities. As a natural outgrowth, Mr. Mortensen began to consult on environmental projects, with his firm also generating what would ultimately become Phase I Environmental Site Assessments. In 1988, Mr. Mortensen decided to start his own geotechnical engineering company, beginning with just two employees and a secretary. In a relatively short period, the company grew in number and capability, with multiple drill rigs and a capable staff, riding both the residential development and environmental consulting waves. Mr. Mortensen was well known for his expertise and forthright problem-solving approach to geotechnical problems, and his engaging personality. He passed on his experience, work ethic, and direct approach to solving problems and serving our client’s needs to the MEI professional family, and his legacy will be carried on.


MEI’s mission is to confidently and aggressively provide high quality and cost-effective geotechnical and construction materials testing services to its clients, in such a way which honors God. We will accomplish our mission through broadly experienced employees, who service our client’s needs honestly and responsively, who maintain a healthy balance in their professional and personal lives, and who make a positive contribution to MEI’s work environment by their consistent productivity and performance, proven loyalty to the firm, and dedication to excellence.